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Nightmare War: Initiate


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Product Description

Print Length: 204 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 9781494751909

Alex Black is a normal teenager worried about school, getting his driver’s license and finding a girlfriend until a twist of fate shows him that he possesses the power to enter another dimension, a dimension where dreams live.

Alex discovers that he, like his father before him is part of a elite cadre of humans who battle the minions of a being called Nightmare.

The fate of the human race depends upon the men and women called to do battle. Will Alex become a great warrior and become a hero or will he fall before the powers of Nightmare like his father did years before?

Initiate follows young Alex Black into the depths of a war for the soul of the human race.

This book is available in trade paperback format.  You will receive a book signed by the author.  Less than Amazon!

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