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31 Tastes of Terror


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Print Length: 224 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1502468840
ISBN-13: 978-1502468840

October – Halloween’s month.

The days grow shorter, the nights more frightening. What better way to count down your nights to the biggest fright night of them all: Halloween.

Curl up beside the fire with a new drink and a new tale of terror for each night in October.

Written by an expert on ‘mixing on the fly’ who is also an afficionado of all things macabre you will find tales to send a tingle through your body and cocktails, both original and classic, to keep you warm on those dark nights.

31 Taste of Terror contains 31 original tales of horror and the supernatural crafted by horror author Edmund de Wight, combined with 31 libations chosen using the skillful drink knowledge of Ed Walker, creator of

Count down the days to All Hallows Eve or just enjoy a new story and drink any night of the year.

Here are the drinks you’ll drown your fears with. Each is accompanied by an original work of fiction:

October 1: Howling Banshee
October 2: Blood Cocktail
October 3: Blue Ghost
October 4: Corpse Reviver
October 5: Delusion
October 6: Devil’s Blood
October 7: Devil’s Cocktail
October 8: Diarrhea Draught
October 9: Floating Brain
October 10: Floating Ghost
October 11: Gothic Punch
October 12: Green Snatcher
October 13: Heart of Darkness
October 14: Beast’s Breakfast
October 15: Jersey Devil Cocktail
October 16: Lady Death
October 17: Mad Scientist
October 18: Mexican Murder Scene
October 19: Satan
October 20: Pond Scum #18
October 21: Purple Ghost
October 22: Piranha Punch
October 23: Satan’s Whiskers
October 24: Sewer Water
October 25: The Loving Kraken
October 26: The Widower
October 27: Werewolf
October 28: Witch Doctor
October 29: Witches Cauldron
October 30: Witching Eve
Halloween: Zombie

This book is available in trade paperback format.  You will receive a book signed by the author.  Less than Amazon!

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