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Macabre Mercantile vs the Valley of FIRE

by on Apr.24, 2019, under News

Howdy from Nevada ghasts and ghouls. The Macabre Mercantile staff went on a road trip just north of Las Vegas to the Valley of Fire state park.

This is a beautiful drive through sandstone mountains and rolling hills. It’s amazingly colorful and the shapes carved by the wind are breathtaking.

We took several side routes through the park to see all the cool sights. We didn’t get pictures of Fire Canyon because it was hard to stop along the road there but OMG that side road is worth it if you’re ever in the VofF. Fire Canyon has a line of dark red mountains running down the center and they are jagged and almost look like flames being fanned by the wind.

We took in lots of sandstone, some plants and of course our hell hound Kali managed to get into a picture.

After a lunch break, we headed into Lake Mead recreational area for a leisurely drive home instead of going back to the highway and while there we saw something intriguing…. symmetrical rock stacking in the desert. No HUMAN could have created such perfect stacks just off the road – nope, no way. It HAD to be aliens!

One funny side note, one of the pictures shows a cactus with pink flowers.
Right after we got home we noticed that the very similar cactus in our cactus garden had finally put out yellow flowers. Synchronicity FTW!

Here’s a few pics, click on them to see the larger version for detail. If you ever get a chance to go, please do so, it’s worth it. I know we intend to return.

20190424_123943 20190424_124022 20190424_124852 20190424_124937 20190424_125043 20190424_125139 20190424_125153 20190424_125213 20190424_125748 20190424_125800 20190424_125842 20190424_132613 20190424_132614 20190424_132623 20190424_132659 20190424_134658 20190424_134702 20190424_135100 20190424_142304 20190424_142310 20190424_142322 20190424_142405 1 20190424_143217 1 20190424_151515 1 20190424_151540 1 20190424_151543 20190424_151641

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Macabre Mercantile vs Death Valley

by on Mar.15, 2019, under News

Today we took our hellhound Kali on a road trip to Death Valley. We visited some fun place in NV and crossed into CA to see some cute wild burros.
Once more we stopped at the Area 51 diner for a rest stop and this time we got a Tee shirt to commemorate the event. We also got gas at the CHEESIEST gas station evar: Fort Amargosa.
The desert out that way is beautiful and full of so much color. The mountains are really pretty since some have snow cover at the higher elevations.
We even passed Creech Air Force Base and got to see some drones buzzing around – that was neat.

We saw the ghost town of Rhyolite just off the main road but it was getting late and we passed it up this time. After seeing some photos of it online we want to go back – it looks CREEPY.
Another ghost town out there is Chloride City CA which is a bit off the beaten path and we’re not sure if our little car could make it there over the rough roads but that’s another one for a future trip as well.

Here’s a couple of pics of the area which really do NOT do justice to how beautiful it is.

Until our next adventure – stay wicked!

20190315_154820 20190315_154940 20190315_154958 20190315_155504 20190315_155506 20190315_155823 20190315_155827 20190315_160832 20190315_164011 20190315_164014 20190315_182348

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Macabre Mercantile vs Historic Rt 66

by on Feb.12, 2019, under News

Today the Macabre Mercantile staff decided to take a roadtrip to the historic town of Oatman.
Who knew that the town would be packed to the gills with tourists early on a Tuesday afternoon?
We couldn’t stop but we got to see all the burros wandering the streets and ooh and aah at the quaint buildings as we drove through at 3 MPH.
We kept going since we missed our opportunity to be touristy and drove down Historic Rt 66.
It was a fun drive. The road is very narrow through the mountains east of Oatman, AZ and has TONS of switchbacks as it climbs and then descends over 3000 feet again and again.
The views were amazing.
We passed the Colorado Mine and then a bit futher spotted an old abandoned mine. Media Minion climbed up the steep hill to take a peek into the opening – he was not insane enough to try to go in.
The pic of the car is taken from the mine entrance so you can see how high up it was.
We followed RT66 almost all the way to Kingman, AZ. Fun ride, if you’re ever out that way, you should drive Rt 66.

Until our next adventure…..

Get your kicks...

Get your kicks…

Even more Oatman burros

Even more Oatman burros

Oatman Burros

Oatman Burros



Abandoned mine entrance

Abandoned mine entrance



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Macabre Mercantile vs The Grand Canyon

by on Dec.16, 2018, under News

The Macabre staff went to visit the Grand Canyon. We tried to do this years ago with a couple friends and mistakenly went to the North Rim which it turns out is closed in Winter – to this day we will swear that there was a giant tarp over the canyon to close it and just refuse to believe it really existed (ok just silly hyperbole but you get the point)

We traveled to the South Rim (open year round)  figuring that the crowds would be a lot smaller in the cooler weather. Being from the northeast our intrepid staff had no issues with the temperatures. A daytime temp of 46 was still warmer than December back in the mid-Atlantic.

We camped in Mather Campground the first night, burned some wood, had some cocktails in the woods and then set out the next day along the Desert View drive to see all the overlooks of the canyon culminating with the Desert View tower.

I wish that the camera could really show the scale and depth of the canyon. There are points where, from the rim to the river at the bottom, the elevation changes by as much as 5,000 feet.

The colors are spectacular and we saw a lot of cool wildlife – at one point a herd of deer wandered along the road stalling traffic. We saw the biggest crows we’ve ever seen in our lives. These things were almost the size of our dog and utterly fearless. They would come into our camp looking for scraps and not flee even when a human with a dog approached them. We kept seeing signs for mountain lions but none ever showed their faces.

The Desert View tower is a spectacular structure which is modern but made to look like ancient native construction. It has 5 floors with views of the canyon but you better be in shape to climb all the steps – which by the way are very narrow and gave Media Minion a real challenge with his size 12 feet. It’s full of traditional art, actual artifacts and there were even a couple Hopi craftsmen in the lobby level demonstrating their craft.

If you ever get the chance to visit the canyon – do so;  you’ll love it.
We hope to do a trip to the West Rim at some point and Media Minion would love to go down into the canyon someday.

As always, click on an image for a larger version.


20181214_151144 20181214_165008 20181214_165230 20181214_165232 20181214_165237 20181214_165340 20181214_165343 20181215_090910 20181215_090945 20181215_091112 20181215_091142 20181215_091149

Media Minion takes HORRIBLE selfies.

Media Minion takes HORRIBLE selfies.

20181215_092116 20181215_092910 20181215_093752 20181215_093800 20181215_093802 20181215_095701 20181215_095703 20181215_095839 20181215_095855 20181215_095920 20181215_101412 20181215_101416 20181215_101625 20181215_101817 20181215_103700 20181215_103702 20181215_103706 20181215_103734 20181215_104246 20181215_104300 20181215_104308 20181215_104935 20181215_105005 20181215_110358 20181215_110425 20181215_110459 20181215_110504 20181215_110509 20181215_110844 20181215_110853 20181215_110907 20181215_110952 20181215_111003 20181215_111027 20181215_111038 20181215_111043 20181215_111057


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Macabre Mercantile vs Wildlife

by on Oct.10, 2018, under News

The Macabre Mercantile staff decided on an excursion that was not so spooky. We traveled to the northern side of Vegas to beautiful Floyd Lamb park at Tule Springs.

This is a historic 2,040-acre (830 ha) park in Las Vegas, Nevada. The park is centered on Tule Springs, a series of small lakes that formed an oasis in this part of the Mojave Desert. One of the larger urban retreats in the Las Vegas Valley, Tule Springs was once considered to be far out of town but is now encroached by development. The park includes the Tule Springs Ranch, Tule Springs Archaeological Site, Tule Springs Wash and four ponds available for fishing. (from Wikipedia)

We love going there just to enjoy nature and look at the cool animals. There are peacocks galore, geese, ducks, rabbits and this time we even spotted a road runner.
We took a couple pictures of peacocks and rabbits but the road runner was WAY too fast for a good picture and the geese were busy chasing each other to get to the ranger with the food so no pics there.
We also visited the historic adobe house which used to serve as a way point back in the old days.

20181007_144325 20181007_163030 20181007_163353 20181007_163456 20181007_164007 20181007_164133 20181007_164620 20181007_164621


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