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Macabre Mercantile vs Goldfield, NV ghost town

by on Jun.05, 2019, under News

Our intrepid staff of explorers have been to Goldfield, NV in the past but there is just so much to see there that we had to make a return visit.
We saw a lot of car *art* both in the form of very decorated cars in town and an auto *forest* of painted vehicles planted into the ground. We’re glad the macabre van has good clearance and solid shocks, it was quite the off-road trip to the forest.

We visited the pioneer cemetery established in 1904 which is both quaint and kind of sad. We were surprised by the number of wooden grave markers but then again, Nevada is very dry so they will last quite some time.

We did some sightseeing of old buildings in town including the supposedly very haunted Goldfield Hotel. Media Minion was positive he saw something appear and then quickly disappear from a top story window. There was a truck out front but nobody was in the building as far as we could tell so who knows? Can you spot a ghost in any of the windows?

We also found a brothel! Angel’s Ladies was just screaming out for us to take a photo with the junked aircraft at their entrance.

We saw some burros, one of whom was trying really hard to get amorous with mama burro who kicked and complained, wanting nothing to do with him while she tried to protect her baby. We yelled at the old coot and dissuaded him from his love connection. Ah, nature.

Until next time, here’s some images of our trip

20190602_154951 20190602_162559 20190602_162816 20190602_162833 20190602_173517 20190602_173522 20190602_173530 20190602_173539 20190602_173547 20190602_173653 20190602_173807

20190602_173834 20190602_174016 20190602_174020 20190602_174023 20190602_174225 20190602_174226 20190602_174758 20190602_175410 20190602_175416 20190602_175638 20190602_175508 20190602_175653 20190602_175705 20190602_175710 20190602_175925 20190602_181633 20190602_182449 20190602_181710 20190602_182439 20190602_182503 20190602_182507 20190602_182505 20190602_182512 20190602_182516 20190602_182531 20190602_192715 20190602_192716 20190602_182540 20190602_192725

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Macabre Mercantile vs Bonnie Springs

by on Nov.26, 2018, under News

To celebrate the birthday of one of our founders, the Macabre Mercantile staff went to visit the Old Town at Bonnie Springs Ranch out in Red Rock Canyon.

The surroundings are beautiful. The rebuilt replica of an old mining town was better than some we’ve seen but was also kind of disappointing. There was a REALLY BAD melodrama at the Opera House that we managed to survive about 10 minutes of before leaving. One actor was really good, knew how to project etc but the other guy was just a mumbler. We’ve become too jaded having spent many weekends at the Maryland Rennaisance Faire watching quality plays (even ones done badly on purpose).

We missed the hanging because we needed to visit their petting zoo. Sorry we didn’t get photos of the zoo. The animals were so cool we got caught up in that and forgot the camera. We petted and  fed a donkey who brayed just as we arrived – dang thing was like a fog horn, didn’t realize they were so loud. We saw these beautiful wolves. It was a joy to see such beautiful creatures but was also very sad to see them stuck in a cage.

We only took a few photos of the small train you ride up to the town and the terrain that surrounds the ranch. We were VERY disappointed that the wax museum was locked up – what did we spend $10 each for if we couldn’t get into the wax museum to see the statues and ghosts?  Did I mention ghosts? Yeah the ranch is supposedly haunted hence our visit. We didn’t see anything creepy – except maybe a few of the other visitors.

Someday we’ll find a cool ghost town rather than a cheesy tourist trap.

20181125_135016 20181125_135021 20181125_142653 20181125_142655 20181125_142710 20181125_142925 town cannery-set-009 20181125_135014

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Macabre Mercantile vs Clowns

by on Aug.30, 2018, under News

The Macabre Mercantile staff decided to take a road trip on Wednesday; 223 miles each way no less. Why such a long trip you ask? Was it to secure new wickedly decadent items for the store? Was it to visit some well heeled client?

Nope. It was a trip to see a Clown Motel. I know, creepy huh?

The Macabre Van traveled to Tonopah, NV in search of a site we had heard of but couldn’t believe was real. Along the way we discovered an Area 51 gas station, the (mostly) ghost town of Goldfield, NV and finally the crowning achievement the Clown Motel.

Goldfield was quite the place to visit. We could have taken hundreds of pictures but we didn’t have the time to really wander about. Media Minion suggested if he ever wanted to really got a good site for a horror story and do his own version of Stephen King at the Overlook Hotel, he’d rent a room for a week or so at one of the scary motels and start writing – frankly we think he’d become desert cannibal food.

Here’s some pictures of our journey.

20180829_142814 20180829_142815 20180829_142816 20180829_172800 20180829_172822 20180829_172823 20180829_172828 20180829_172831 20180829_173046 20180829_173447 20180829_173448 20180829_173500 20180829_173525 20180829_173528 20180829_183000 20180829_183001 20180829_184819 20180829_184832 20180829_184936

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Macabre Mercantile vs a Ghost Town

by on Aug.12, 2018, under News

The Macabre staff went exploring their new area today. We were in search of ghost towns near Las Vegas and we found a doozy.

When I say doozy I don’t mean it was great.

The Chloride Mining Town in Chloride, AZ is listed as a ghost town. Well it is definitely a dead town. There are very few inhabitants and  not much to really see for a tourist destination. There were some really old (early 1900) buildings like the Post Office and an Antique store but the highlight of the visit was an old west main street (totally fake BTW). It was something right out of a bad spaghetti western as imagined by a bunch of high school students who weren’t that great at set building.

We saw that they have a ‘gunfight’ every 2nd and 3rd Saturday – unfortunately it was Sunday so we didn’t get a show but Kali (our black dog and goddess of death) enjoyed wandering around.

Our Crypt Queen had to pose in front of the Mercantile, of course…..

While disappointing as a ghost town, it was still a fun outing. We bought some souvenirs so we never need to go back.


20180812_130610 20180812_130629 20180812_130636 20180812_131317 20180812_131330 20180812_131331 20180812_131351 20180812_131433 20180812_131435 20180812_131512(0) 20180812_131532

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