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Macabre Mercantile vs Dolan Springs

by on Oct.20, 2020, under News

We felt the need to get out of the house and decided on Dolan Springs, AZ

Let’s just say that the terrain is beautiful, the tiny town is …. interesting.

We realized that the west rim of the Grand Canyon is just up the road and drove to the entrance but decided to wait for another day to allow for sufficient time to really visit.

We hope to get there sometime in the not too distant future. Media Minion really wants to go out on the glass walkway over the canyon although the price is a bit daunting. We may just settle for looking over the edge and going oooo.

And to top it off, our little Nissan Cube crossed the 120k mark (we got it at 101k so it’s doing well)

20201020_154434 20201020_154437 20201020_154439 20201020_155030 20201020_165523

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Macabre Mercantile vs Joshua Tree National Park

by on Jul.31, 2019, under News

The Macabre staff decided to go for a drive toward California … just because.
Then we had the idea that the route should take us to Joshua Tree and then we said – “Why not go camping?” Media Minion was there once 30 years ago with two friends so it would be like reliving his youth.
Heck, it’s summer, it’s the desert, what could possibly go wrong?

We mapped out a simple route down US 95 which all the maps showed as connecting to Rt 62 which made it a simple straight shot – that wasn’t quite right though.
We found out that where 95 intersects I40 the road suddenly turns into a gravel road and abruptly ends at a sign declaring that we are at the Heart of the Mojave. Media Minion checked his GPS again and yes, it showed us on 95 and showed the road going onward. Look at the picture…. there’s NO ROAD, just desert. So we detoured.

This was a good thing, we traveled down some small roads and along old Route 66 for a bit and even saw Roy’s Motel and Cafe

There are Route 66 signs painted on the highway in front of the cafe – people were clustered there taking pictures.
Let me repeat that – signs painted on the HIGHWAY and people TAKING PICTURES in the road. We managed to swerve around the kneeling idiots and not turn them into road pizza. They didn’t seem to care that cars were whizzing toward them at 65 MPH. Somehow, no one was killed.
We really don’t understand how Darwin didn’t claim these people.

We finally reached Joshua Tree. It was much cooler than Vegas, comfortable in fact. Media Minion went bouldering and we hung out. The boulders are neat, one of them is Skull Rock, which looks a LOT like a skull.
We saw some bunnies, squirrels, and chipmunks running around the boulders and even climbing up them. The silence of the place was wonderful. Sure the occasional person could be heard or a car arriving or departing but otherwise, it was just the wind.
After nightfall, we looked at more stars than we could remember seeing in many years.
It was wonderful – well except for our resident Hellhound Kali, she wanted to go home to her chair and comfortable AC, she’s a very civilized Hellhound.

On our way out we went through the Mojave National Preserve and did more sightseeing. We saw the Hall of Horrors rock formation – it didn’t seem all that horrible.
We found a strange roadside church with the happiest looking man’s picture on the front and a sign off to the side saying “Save the persecuted Christians.”

Really? Persecuted? The same group who has their holy days celebrated by the ENTIRE country? The same group who basically fill every government position? How about saving the persecuted Wiccans, atheists, and LGBTQ+ folks?

We also encountered these 2 strange statues just sitting alongside the road. Large Chinese lion statues about 10′ or so tall just all alone. There was a sign indicating land was for sale but for the life of us we couldn’t figure out the why of the two lions. Other than that we traveled through many small – mostly dead – towns and saw some very strange folks living and just wandering around in the desert. I think the California desert is stranger than the Nevada one.

Oh and before we go, Hellhound Kali is NOT doing something rude and smelly in one of the photos, she’s just hunching because she’s really unhappy with the terrain there.

As always, click on a picture to see a larger version for more detail.

20190728_133621 20190728_140119 20190728_152247 20190728_152251 20190728_163658 20190728_163740 20190728_163820 20190728_172855 20190728_172859 20190728_172933 20190728_172935 20190728_172936 20190728_175453 20190728_175454 20190728_175534 20190728_175618 20190728_175624 20190728_175627 20190728_175714 20190728_175723 20190728_180009 20190728_190603 20190728_190655 20190728_190713 20190728_190721 20190728_195416 20190728_195430 20190728_200052 20190728_200541 20190729_084950 20190729_084953 20190729_085026 20190729_093104 20190729_101610 20190729_110526 20190729_110533 20190729_113013 20190729_113016

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Macabre Mercantile vs Death Valley

by on Mar.15, 2019, under News

Today we took our hellhound Kali on a road trip to Death Valley. We visited some fun place in NV and crossed into CA to see some cute wild burros.
Once more we stopped at the Area 51 diner for a rest stop and this time we got a Tee shirt to commemorate the event. We also got gas at the CHEESIEST gas station evar: Fort Amargosa.
The desert out that way is beautiful and full of so much color. The mountains are really pretty since some have snow cover at the higher elevations.
We even passed Creech Air Force Base and got to see some drones buzzing around – that was neat.

We saw the ghost town of Rhyolite just off the main road but it was getting late and we passed it up this time. After seeing some photos of it online we want to go back – it looks CREEPY.
Another ghost town out there is Chloride City CA which is a bit off the beaten path and we’re not sure if our little car could make it there over the rough roads but that’s another one for a future trip as well.

Here’s a couple of pics of the area which really do NOT do justice to how beautiful it is.

Until our next adventure – stay wicked!

20190315_154820 20190315_154940 20190315_154958 20190315_155504 20190315_155506 20190315_155823 20190315_155827 20190315_160832 20190315_164011 20190315_164014 20190315_182348

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