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Tidewater ComiCon is coming

by on May.02, 2017, under News

Hey creepy cool kids, Tidewater ComiCon is almost upon us again.

The Macabre crew went last year and it was an incredible event. We’re going again and we’re bigger and better this time.

Look for us in Booths 1502-1503 right near the main entrance.

May 13-14 2017  check it out!


Here’s a great video recap of last year’s event. We didn’t make the clip but our good friends from Eclectic Goods did.

Tidewater Comicon – May 2016 Recap


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Monster Mania 36

by on Mar.13, 2017, under News

The Macabre Mercantile staff travelled to Cherry Hill New Jersey to attend Monster Mania. It was a great time. We met many cool people and got to introduce the world of the Wickedly Decadent to a lot of new people. While we won’t be able to attend the August show due to other commitments, we fully intend to return in 2018.

We took a few photos between helping customers:


20170311_125800 20170311_162311 20170311_162401 20170311_182226 20170311_182612 20170311_183720 20170312_110521 20170312_110533 20170312_110600 20170312_110606 20170312_121759 20170312_130241 20170312_131227 20170312_135304 20170312_142256 20170312_142402 20170312_154717 20170313_084230 20170313_084430 20170310_165735 20170310_165754 20170310_165757 20170310_165802 20170310_165808 20170310_165809 20170310_170136 20170310_170139 20170311_115708

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Camp Scarefest convention Lexington KY

by on Oct.08, 2016, under News

Hello my spooky darlings, it’s your old pal Mercy Macabre fashion icon and official anorexic spokesmodel for Macabre Mercantile.

I travelled to Lexington KY recently to attend the Scarefest horror and paranormal convention. We attended last year and took the prize for best vendor booth. After a start like that we HAD to come back.

Our booth was bigger and better than last year and our own Media Minion came up with a new layout that really helped him and the Crypt Queen run an efficient and fun booth.

We met lots of people, made new friends and even got to meet GWAR.

We also had a visitor from last year return to say hi and he brought a video camera and created the most fun video of his visit to our booth. Check it out.

It was a fun convention, we didn’t win the best booth again but hey, that’s not why we went. We went to have fun, meet people and provide the coolest merchandise for those who want to be Wickedly Decadent.

Now on to the photos. We can’t wait until next year to do it all over again.

Before setup commences

Before setup commences

Last year's award proudly displayed

Last year’s award proudly displayed

Mercy Macabre standing atop the booth waving to her fans.

Mercy Macabre standing atop the booth waving to her fans.

our showcase wall art product

our showcase wall art product

6 5

GWAR meets Macabre Mercantile

GWAR meets the Crypt Queen of Macabre Mercantile

scarefest-197 scarefest-198 scarefest-199 scarefest-200 scarefest-201 scarefest-202 scarefest-224 scarefest-225 scarefest-228 scarefest-229 scarefest-235

GWAR left us some graffiti!

14440677_10210653635601687_7747180742780948301_n 14446167_10210653635841693_5878528209716153355_n 14457535_10210653635121675_4951334591036748930_n 14492512_10210653636361706_8282438953412080702_n 14563434_10210653636961721_3235778543085188263_n 14570445_10210653636641713_1655274608110294981_n 14572171_10210653635321680_334318592893824665_n


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Scares That Care Weekend Convention 2016

by on Aug.12, 2016, under News

Macabre Mercantile attended its 3rd Scares That Care convention to help those in need and have a great time with horror fans of all types.

Here’s a few pics of some of the things we saw. Most of our photos are from the Dealer Room but we actually got to the Costume competition this year as well. Some amazing costumes by very talented people.

We actually got to witness Joe Ripple award a check to one of the chosen recipients at the competition. It was very moving and reminded us all why we were there.

Check out Scares That to find out about all the good work these folks do and maybe try to come to the show next year.

Now on to our photos. Next stop will be Scarefest in Lexington KY.


20160721_103150 20160722_105219 20160722_105852 20160722_204700 20160722_211628 20160722_212919 20160722_213926 20160723_110341 20160723_115613 20160723_182418 20160723_200720 20160723_202325 20160723_202615 20160723_203236 20160723_203524 20160723_204613 20160723_205331 20160723_205622 20160723_205832 20160723_210028 20160723_210357 20160723_211619 20160723_211803 20160723_211920 20160723_211927 20160723_212213 20160723_213404_001 20160723_213556 20160723_214558 20160723_214815 20160724_112745 20160724_132715 20160724_132810 20160724_152024 20160724_152107


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Tidewater Comicon 2016

by on Jul.10, 2016, under News

Oh my skull is so empty that I never got around to uploading our photos and tales of fun from Tidewater Comicon.

Macabre Mercantile went to this convention for the first time this year. We’ve never done a comicon and were unsure if we would mesh with this fan base – we did.

OMG what a fun crowd. Lots of people in great costumes. It was amazing watching the people lining up to get into the event. It didn’t matter that the sky opened at one point and poured rain down on the Virginia Beach area¬† these fans wanted their convention and would deal with anything to get in.

We hardly had a moment to do anything but man our booth (which BTW was way too small for us, next year we go big) so we didnt see a lot of the actual event but the people watching was wonderful Kudos especially to the Megatron who walked into the food area and to the young man in Spidey outfit who made Uncle Ben’s corpse out of boxes of Uncle Ben’s Rice – what creativity.

I included a couple panorama shots of the dealer room – click on any of the images for a large version to see details We’ll be back at Tidewater in 2017 for sure. Next stop for us is Scares That Care


20160519_113820 20160519_113847 20160519_113907 20160521_150606 20160521_155019 20160521_163130 20160522_110146 20160522_111231 20160522_111309 20160522_111734 20160522_111754 20160522_111759 20160522_112056 20160522_115554 20160522_142305 20160522_142317 20160522_160556 20160522_160559


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