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Scares that Care Weekend 4

by on Jul.30, 2017, under News


The Macabre staff went to our favorite convention. We had a REALLY long booth. We decided to expand again to 5 tables. Unfortunately for us it turned into a long corridor. If we return for another go, I think we’ll shrink to 4 tables and ask for them to be in a cube so we can build a store rather than a strip mall.

The con was a blast. The people were amazing. Costumes were spectacular. If you didn’t make it, here’s a tiny look from our booth location. One fun thing we did, the Crypt Queen hid under one of our tables on Saturday and would occasionally reach out or speak to people – reactions were quite the source of entertainment – up until she tried to scare the masked maniacs who promptly tried to skewer her.  Ah horror fans, always prepared for the strange and unusual. Also once more the Children’s Trick or Treat parade came past. What a great thing for a convention to do for their youngest fans; and it lets us vendors have fun too.

Oh and of course, who could forget the fire alarm in the afternoon when it was just over 100 degrees. Joy.

Enjoy the pics.

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