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Macabre Mercantile vs Lake Mojave – and Aliens

by on Sep.19, 2019, under News

OK, we’re not Storming Area 51 because we plan to have our store open this weekend but we did take a quick trip south of Las Vegas to Lake Mojave.
Its the more southern part of the Lake Mead Recreation Area near Searchlight, NV.
Along the way, Media Minion had to pull over to take a shot of ‘his stretch of highway’. It’s a whole 1/10 mile stretch dedicated to Cold War Veterans. After all, he thinks he defeated communism single-handed so it’s HIS highway. It’s part of a stretch of the Veterans Memorial Highway with stretches dedicated to just about every war for the last 100 years.
After leaving the road in Searchlight, we drove 14 miles through the desert to the lake. Wow, what a beautiful place. It’s a small facility but unlike many of the Lake Mead proper sites which are basically falling apart because the lake retreated from their shores, this facility is still thriving.
There’s a lovely little campground with a beach a short distance away. There’s a nice motel but at $140 a night we think we’ll come back to camp instead. The marina has a store and a cafe and the lake itself is BEAUTIFUL.
We just hung around for a while drinking in the surroundings and then headed back home but on the way, we took a quick detour into Boulder City to see The Flying Saucer, a store we somehow never spotted before on our visits. Made new friends there as we browsed their alien-themed store. Kind of cool and we carry some of the same alien products as them – lucky we’re many miles apart so we don’t compete.
On the road north, we did see the most amazing sight. A pickup was gaining on us and there were strange shapes visible on the roof. It wasn’t until it passed that we realized the shapes were half a dozen tall green alien mannequins in the bed of the truck. We assume he’s off to #stormArea51. We laughed ourselves silly but weren’t able to get a picture as he was racing by at about 90 and we couldn’t get our camera out fast enough.

A nice fun outing overall.

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