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Macabre Mercantile vs Goldfield, NV ghost town

by on Jun.05, 2019, under News

Our intrepid staff of explorers have been to Goldfield, NV in the past but there is just so much to see there that we had to make a return visit.
We saw a lot of car *art* both in the form of very decorated cars in town and an auto *forest* of painted vehicles planted into the ground. We’re glad the macabre van has good clearance and solid shocks, it was quite the off-road trip to the forest.

We visited the pioneer cemetery established in 1904 which is both quaint and kind of sad. We were surprised by the number of wooden grave markers but then again, Nevada is very dry so they will last quite some time.

We did some sightseeing of old buildings in town including the supposedly very haunted Goldfield Hotel. Media Minion was positive he saw something appear and then quickly disappear from a top story window. There was a truck out front but nobody was in the building as far as we could tell so who knows? Can you spot a ghost in any of the windows?

We also found a brothel! Angel’s Ladies was just screaming out for us to take a photo with the junked aircraft at their entrance.

We saw some burros, one of whom was trying really hard to get amorous with mama burro who kicked and complained, wanting nothing to do with him while she tried to protect her baby. We yelled at the old coot and dissuaded him from his love connection. Ah, nature.

Until next time, here’s some images of our trip

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