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Welcome to October and the countdown to Halloween

by on Oct.06, 2021, under News

Welcome to October.

It’s been an interesting month here.

We put on a bunch of new vendors for our products. We added actual knives and sword canes found lovely altarpieces of crystal balls and obsidian athames, obtained some lovely hand-made leather bags and there’s still more coming.

Media Minion’s (mumble-mumbleth) birthday arrived this week and we decided to escape civilization for a couple of days and went to the Grand Canyon to camp and sightsee.
Well, that went badly.
We had a lovely first night, had cocktails both alcohol and shrimp under the stars, and had a big campfire to chase back the night, and then
Thunder, lightning, and heavy rain moved in right after we went to bed.
We figured, ‘hey it will be better in the morning’.
Not so lucky. The rain kept coming and brought with it hail, fog, and clouds completely filling the canyon so that sightseeing was just not to be.
The photos that look like just a cloudy vista are actually the scene from the rim of the canyon; pretty unimpressive in these conditions.

Soaking wet, muddy, and generally unhappy we drove along the rim road and saw what little we could and then decided to cut our losses.
On the bright side, we took a different route home going through a Navajo reservation. THEY had a canyon that you could actually see and boy was it beautiful.
We would have liked to support the local businesses that set up on the roadside but every booth was empty. It might have been the weather that was still around the area or the fact that tourist season is winding down at the canyon. Our loss, we would have loved some buffalo jerky or a Navajo rug.

Well, think that’s enough for now.

Oh, and in advance: HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Here are some photos from our trip.

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