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Macabre Mercantile vs a Ghost Town

by on Aug.12, 2018, under News

The Macabre staff went exploring their new area today. We were in search of ghost towns near Las Vegas and we found a doozy.

When I say doozy I don’t mean it was great.

The Chloride Mining Town in Chloride, AZ is listed as a ghost town. Well it is definitely a dead town. There are very few inhabitants and  not much to really see for a tourist destination. There were some really old (early 1900) buildings like the Post Office and an Antique store but the highlight of the visit was an old west main street (totally fake BTW). It was something right out of a bad spaghetti western as imagined by a bunch of high school students who weren’t that great at set building.

We saw that they have a ‘gunfight’ every 2nd and 3rd Saturday – unfortunately it was Sunday so we didn’t get a show but Kali (our black dog and goddess of death) enjoyed wandering around.

Our Crypt Queen had to pose in front of the Mercantile, of course…..

While disappointing as a ghost town, it was still a fun outing. We bought some souvenirs so we never need to go back.


20180812_130610 20180812_130629 20180812_130636 20180812_131317 20180812_131330 20180812_131331 20180812_131351 20180812_131433 20180812_131435 20180812_131512(0) 20180812_131532

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The web store is OPEN!

by on Aug.11, 2018, under News

Hello my lovelies.

The Macabre staff has finished moving to Las Vegas NV and  have managed to find all our treasures including yours truly, Mercy Macabre.

Of course I’m a bit worse for wear. One of my hands seems to have been snapped off in the move but it’s nothing a little bone glue can’t fix.

Now that we’re in our new home and have located all the products I am directing my co-workers to OPEN THE STORE!

That’s right, the web store is now open and taking orders for wickedly decadent items.

Our next step is finding retail space to finally have a proper crypt – err, I mean brick and mortar storefront. That effort probably won’t begin for a couple months as the Media Minions informs me that he needs time to settle in and get things organized at the new house before focusing on a storefront. Mortals, can’t live with them, can’t eat their brains. Ah well, we’ll show the lad some pity and wait to get our first real store location.

Keep your eyes on the blog for announcements once the hunt for the location begins. Until then, let the online shopping commence!

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Moving update

by on May.09, 2018, under News

Hello fellow wickedly decadent ghouls and gals; your old pal Mercy is here to give an update on our company move.

We’re moving to beautiful Las Vegas Nevada and we’re well on our way.

Media Minion has obtained a NV business license so we can set up shop legally. Our products and household goods have been sent ahead of  us in the big orange boxes you see below.

Moving boxes on their way to NV

Off to Nevada!

Soon we’ll be sending updates from the road (hopefully in a couple weeks) and then we’ll let you follow our progress on our first ever brick and mortar store in beautiful Las Vegas.

Stay tuned.

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Macabre Store Temporarily Closed

by on Mar.28, 2018, under News

We are closing our storefront online in preparation for our company’s physical move to beautiful Las Vegas Nevada.

We are sorry for any inconvenience but since we’re packing up our inventory as well as our personal possessions to ship across the country it is not possible to keep the store open and fulfill orders.

We will reopen the online store once we have relocated ( early May is the projected date) and will also announce our physical store location once it opens in Vegas.


Again, sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for your patronage and we look forward to being back and ready to bring you the best wickedly decadent items in May.

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The Scarefest X – convention report

by on Oct.06, 2017, under News

It was our third Scarefest and it was scary fun. Scarefest X was a sight to behold. Huge crowds, great celebrities and a new booth location for the Macabre Mercantile crew.
Our booth (all 20×20 of it) was moved front and center. We were the first thing most people saw as they walked down the entry hall after the gates.
We had flashing lights, a new tall banner with strobing colored lights around it and our normal array of macabre and wickedly decadent items.
We rolled out our new steampunk statuary and barware to much joy.
The highlight of MY convention was having Barry Bostwick come into the booth and purchase a Rocky Horror Picture Show wallet – of course I was so star struck that I fumbled the ball and didn’t get a picture but then again, he’s a celeb and taking pictures is part of his bread and butter – I wouldn’t dream of demanding a freebie in our shop.

Well here are a few of the photos we took to give you a taste of the con from our booth.

20170929_204430 20170929_204438

20170930_162747 20170930_172753 20170930_174319 20170930_175752 20170930_190401 20170930_190448 20171001_093003 20171001_14492020170909_14090120170909_14092120170930_201323

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