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Days of the Dead Las Vegas convention

by on Jun.10, 2019, under Macabre Monday, News


The Macabre Mercantile staff attended Days of the Dead convention in Las Vegas as vendors.
We did this because we A) love conventions, and B) wanted to inform the local horror/fan/goth scene that we’re here and opening a store.

Media Minion and the Dark Mistress handed out lots of postcards with a savings coupon on the back and met a lot of people. The event was fun and friendly. We were surrounded by celebrities in our little corner of the room such as:  Sid Haig, Traci Lords, PJ Soles, Bill Mosely, Dee Snyder, Marky Ramone, Tyler Mane, Daeg Faerch and more. It was nice meeting all these film personalities up close and personal.

We sold a bunch of merchandise and took a few costume photos. It was so busy that Media Minion was only able to capture a few pictures as well as a quick look around video of our booth and surroundings.


PJ Soles


Daeg Faerch


Marky Ramone

20190607_184324 20190608_123306 20190609_111619 20190609_122634





Sid Haig

Sid Haig

Traci Lords

Traci Lords

Bloodsucka Jones

Bloodsucka Jones

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Macabre Mercantile vs Goldfield, NV ghost town

by on Jun.05, 2019, under News

Our intrepid staff of explorers have been to Goldfield, NV in the past but there is just so much to see there that we had to make a return visit.
We saw a lot of car *art* both in the form of very decorated cars in town and an auto *forest* of painted vehicles planted into the ground. We’re glad the macabre van has good clearance and solid shocks, it was quite the off-road trip to the forest.

We visited the pioneer cemetery established in 1904 which is both quaint and kind of sad. We were surprised by the number of wooden grave markers but then again, Nevada is very dry so they will last quite some time.

We did some sightseeing of old buildings in town including the supposedly very haunted Goldfield Hotel. Media Minion was positive he saw something appear and then quickly disappear from a top story window. There was a truck out front but nobody was in the building as far as we could tell so who knows? Can you spot a ghost in any of the windows?

We also found a brothel! Angel’s Ladies was just screaming out for us to take a photo with the junked aircraft at their entrance.

We saw some burros, one of whom was trying really hard to get amorous with mama burro who kicked and complained, wanting nothing to do with him while she tried to protect her baby. We yelled at the old coot and dissuaded him from his love connection. Ah, nature.

Until next time, here’s some images of our trip

20190602_154951 20190602_162559 20190602_162816 20190602_162833 20190602_173517 20190602_173522 20190602_173530 20190602_173539 20190602_173547 20190602_173653 20190602_173807

20190602_173834 20190602_174016 20190602_174020 20190602_174023 20190602_174225 20190602_174226 20190602_174758 20190602_175410 20190602_175416 20190602_175638 20190602_175508 20190602_175653 20190602_175705 20190602_175710 20190602_175925 20190602_181633 20190602_182449 20190602_181710 20190602_182439 20190602_182503 20190602_182507 20190602_182505 20190602_182512 20190602_182516 20190602_182531 20190602_192715 20190602_192716 20190602_182540 20190602_192725

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It’s official, we have a store location!

by on May.07, 2019, under News



It’s official, we signed our lease today and now Macabre Mercantile has a brick and mortar storefront.

We’ll now begin work transforming a boring strip mall space into something macabre and wickedly decadent.

Our website and social media pages will remain active so you can still reach us and shop from anywhere.

If you’re visiting the Las Vegas area drop by and see us. We’re a very short (1 mile) cab/uber/lyft ride from the Las Vegas strip on Sahara Avenue.

Our new home will be located at:

2620 S. Maryland Parkway #16
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
1 mile east of the Las Vegas Strip on Sahara Ave.

Watch this blog for pictures of our journey to the grand opening. We hope to upload some video walkthroughs of our store once we’re ready to open our doors to the public. We hope to be open for business by June 1, 2019 so keep your eyes glued to this blog for announcements.

We look forward to seeing you in sunny and fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.

Remember if you subscribe to this blog, you will receive a coupon code which can be used either online or in person once we open to save 10% on your purchase.



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Macabre Mercantile vs Roadside Desert Attractions

by on May.02, 2019, under News

To celebrate our impending signing of a brick and mortar lease the Macabre Staff went out in search of desert sights.

We found the – to us – strangest roadside art installation we’ve ever seen.  The Seven Magic Mountains.

These colorful boulders are stacked along the side of the road and stand as high as 40 feet tall.  They’re day glow and just a short hike from the extreme southern end of Las Vegas Boulevard.

Of course, it was fun to note the signs along the trail stating: “Remain on the marked path, venomous snakes inhabit surrounding area’.  Joy!

Click on the images for a larger view – the panorama is quite a nice view of the beauty of the area. The smaller stacked stones are the visitor’s attempt to add to the ambiance.

There’s also a shot through our car window as we drove down a gravel and dirt road to the Jean/Roach Lakes in an attempt to get a look at what lay beyond the railroad tracks…. the answer was more rutted road leading to a  dry lakebed which we didn’t try for since our little car doesn’t have great clearance.

20190502_144236 20190502_144413 20190502_144418 20190502_144457 20190502_144519 20190502_144520 20190502_144615 20190502_151205

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Macabre Mercantile vs the Valley of FIRE

by on Apr.24, 2019, under News

Howdy from Nevada ghasts and ghouls. The Macabre Mercantile staff went on a road trip just north of Las Vegas to the Valley of Fire state park.

This is a beautiful drive through sandstone mountains and rolling hills. It’s amazingly colorful and the shapes carved by the wind are breathtaking.

We took several side routes through the park to see all the cool sights. We didn’t get pictures of Fire Canyon because it was hard to stop along the road there but OMG that side road is worth it if you’re ever in the VofF. Fire Canyon has a line of dark red mountains running down the center and they are jagged and almost look like flames being fanned by the wind.

We took in lots of sandstone, some plants and of course our hell hound Kali managed to get into a picture.

After a lunch break, we headed into Lake Mead recreational area for a leisurely drive home instead of going back to the highway and while there we saw something intriguing…. symmetrical rock stacking in the desert. No HUMAN could have created such perfect stacks just off the road – nope, no way. It HAD to be aliens!

One funny side note, one of the pictures shows a cactus with pink flowers.
Right after we got home we noticed that the very similar cactus in our cactus garden had finally put out yellow flowers. Synchronicity FTW!

Here’s a few pics, click on them to see the larger version for detail. If you ever get a chance to go, please do so, it’s worth it. I know we intend to return.

20190424_123943 20190424_124022 20190424_124852 20190424_124937 20190424_125043 20190424_125139 20190424_125153 20190424_125213 20190424_125748 20190424_125800 20190424_125842 20190424_132613 20190424_132614 20190424_132623 20190424_132659 20190424_134658 20190424_134702 20190424_135100 20190424_142304 20190424_142310 20190424_142322 20190424_142405 1 20190424_143217 1 20190424_151515 1 20190424_151540 1 20190424_151543 20190424_151641

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