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Upcoming Events

by on Mar.31, 2022, under News

Hi there you lovely ghouls.

We wanted to give a quick update on a couple of events where Macabre Mercantile will be selling our wares.

First up is this May 13 & 14 (yes that’s a Friday the 13th) We’ll be at the Rio Casino for the FEAR FAIRE Halloween and Music Festival.

Here’s the link to register to attend:


Next up is June 3-5. We’ll be in Pasadena, California for the MONSTERPALOOZA horror convention.

Here’s the link for that one.

We’ll also update our website’s home page with any upcoming events.

As always our website is open 24/7 and as more shows come up that match our product line we’ll update you. We did visit the Las Vegas Pirate Fest this year and will try very hard to become vendors there next year. Everyone wants to be a goth pirate.

Stay tuned to this blog for more info as it becomes available.

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Macabre Mercantile vs Rhyolite Ghost Town

by on Feb.05, 2022, under News

For our first weekend not at the Swap Meet the staff decided to take a road trip to a ghost town north of Vegas near the town of Beatty, NV.

Rhyolite was a mining town from the beginning of the 20th century that now is a ruin. There is an outdoor art installation right down the road from it with wonderful works of art. The town lasted only until 1916, less than 20 years but a lot of buildings were built there during its boom years. The big statues like the female ‘Venus of the Desert’ and the prospector and penguin are well over 20 feet tall.

The ghostlike statues at the art exhibit were created using live models who were draped in plastic before the plaster was applied. They had to stand perfectly still for 20ish minutes. Talk about dedication to art.

Oh, and while Media Minion DID climb up the side of the hill to the lowest of the mines he was not stupid enough to try to enter.

Here are some of the pics.

Click on the photo to see a bigger view.

20220205_131631 20220205_131733 20220205_131754 20220205_131844 20220205_131848 20220205_131941 20220205_131944 20220205_132036 20220205_132152 20220205_132200 20220205_132215 20220205_132512 20220205_132627 20220205_132628 20220205_133252 20220205_133256 20220205_133417 20220205_133426 20220205_134239 20220205_134254 20220205_134317 20220205_134334 20220205_134349 20220205_135236 20220205_135239 20220205_135310 20220205_135337 20220205_135404 20220205_135451 20220205_135503 20220205_135506 20220205_135552 20220205_140212 20220205_140219 20220205_140348 20220205_140354 20220205_140358 20220205_140448 20220205_140646 20220205_140657(0) 20220205_140657 20220205_140715 20220205_140750 20220205_140927 20220205_141002 20220205_141118 20220205_141325 20220205_141437 20220205_141459 20220205_141519 20220205_142011 20220205_142027 20220205_142049 20220205_142117 20220205_142205 20220205_142211 20220205_142222 20220205_142225 20220205_142452 20220205_142459 20220205_143456 20220205_144603 20220205_144605



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Change is coming

by on Jan.22, 2022, under News

There’s a change coming for Macabre Mercantile.
After 2 years at the Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet, we plan to close our location there.
We are NOT going out of business!
let me repeat that: WE ARE NOT GOING OUT OF BUSINESS.
We love all our customers and fans of the brand and are thankful for your patronage. The expense of keeping this location open is not sustainable in any permanent way so we’ve decided to change how we do business.
Macabre Mercantile’s Swap Meet location will cease operations on Jan 30 and spend the next couple of weeks moving our things out.
We will be returning to our original way of doing business. We will attend regional Horror, Comic, and Sci-fi conventions. We’ll be present at local events in Vegas to make sure you can still shop with us in person.
Our website will remain OPEN and we will always have our items online with free shipping as always.
Please follow us on FB or Instagram or follow our blog to see where we will be selling.
We love our customers and appreciate your business and hope to keep providing the most wickedly decadent items to you for years to come.
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Welcome to November

by on Nov.01, 2021, under News

October has come and gone, our favorite holiday was a great time for us. We had a few fun days in the store with shoppers trick or treating. We saw some interesting costumes.

The kids were all on sugar highs and our masks were the big hit of the day.

Coming home we had visitors to our haunted yard almost from the moment we arrived. I would have loved to get pictures of some of the really creative ones but since most were very young children, we don’t feel it is responsible for us to take their photos and share them online. Their wonderful costumes and shrieks of joy and fear will live in our memories of the season.


We hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween and here’s wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving to come. Talk to you later!

Here are a few pics of us, our neighbor-store denizens, and the centerpiece of our yard.

20211031_183734 20211031_155136 20211031_121251 20211031_100427 20211030_171349

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Welcome to October and the countdown to Halloween

by on Oct.06, 2021, under News

Welcome to October.

It’s been an interesting month here.

We put on a bunch of new vendors for our products. We added actual knives and sword canes found lovely altarpieces of crystal balls and obsidian athames, obtained some lovely hand-made leather bags and there’s still more coming.

Media Minion’s (mumble-mumbleth) birthday arrived this week and we decided to escape civilization for a couple of days and went to the Grand Canyon to camp and sightsee.
Well, that went badly.
We had a lovely first night, had cocktails both alcohol and shrimp under the stars, and had a big campfire to chase back the night, and then
Thunder, lightning, and heavy rain moved in right after we went to bed.
We figured, ‘hey it will be better in the morning’.
Not so lucky. The rain kept coming and brought with it hail, fog, and clouds completely filling the canyon so that sightseeing was just not to be.
The photos that look like just a cloudy vista are actually the scene from the rim of the canyon; pretty unimpressive in these conditions.

Soaking wet, muddy, and generally unhappy we drove along the rim road and saw what little we could and then decided to cut our losses.
On the bright side, we took a different route home going through a Navajo reservation. THEY had a canyon that you could actually see and boy was it beautiful.
We would have liked to support the local businesses that set up on the roadside but every booth was empty. It might have been the weather that was still around the area or the fact that tourist season is winding down at the canyon. Our loss, we would have loved some buffalo jerky or a Navajo rug.

Well, think that’s enough for now.

Oh, and in advance: HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Here are some photos from our trip.

20211004_165501 20211004_165516 20211004_165534 20211004_195129 20211004_195156 20211005_101148 20211005_101151 20211005_101153 20211005_101202 20211005_101215 20211005_101216 20211005_102408 20211005_105422 20211005_105425 20211005_105428 20211005_105435 20211005_113012 20211005_113032 20211005_113035 20211005_122500 20211005_122503 20211005_122834


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