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Monthly update – September 2021

by on Sep.02, 2021, under News

Hello all you wickedly decadent people. It’s been another month and boy do we have some news for you.

The Macabre Mercantile staff went to the huge ASD trade show at the Las Vegas Convention Center this past month and we saw literally thousands of vendors20210824_121329, merchandisers, and manufacturers who carry everything from socks to bitcoin machines – it is pretty amazing to see the amount of items on display at this event. It took us two days of walking to traverse the entire convention center. Our coffins never looked so inviting.

Anywho, we touched base with several of our favorite suppliers and have orders for new statuary, skulls and Ouija products. All kinds of new and interesting designs – we can’t wait to show you the Cthulhu themed statuary we found.

We expect the items to begin flowing into our crypt in the next few weeks and will share images of them with you as they arrive.

Our own Media Minion has a new carved piece of art that’s about to land in the store. It’s a cute linocarving that’s framed and shows an alien abduction in a mountain setting.   Check it out here 

Here’s some of the things we’ve got coming: new bags, 3D artwork, carved wooden trinket boxes. knives, a cross hilt sword, sword canes, crystal balls, obsidian jewelry, soapstone idols,  and so much more.

Stay tuned for pictures on our Instagram and new items on the shopping website

With the Fall season coming upon us (not that we can tell in Las Vegas since we’re still near 100 degrees) we have to think of that most sacred of days – Halloween. We’ll be putting more masks into the store as the big day approaches.

Since Halloween falls on a Sunday that means our store will be open. Click here for directions

We’ll be doing Trick or Treat at Macabre Mercantile once more. Come by with the kids and get candy. If you are in costume (a real costume not a tee shirt that says ‘This is my costume’) we’ll give 10% off your entire purchase on that day. Let’s get spooky together!



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There’s some new stuff coming to Macabre Mercantile

by on Aug.24, 2021, under News

This week your intrepid staff journeyed forth in search of treasure. We encountered horrors, monsters, demons, dragons, and bought them all.

We visited ASD, a trade show for the retail market where businesses go to find the manufacturers of all the cool things we sell. We visited some of our long-time vendors and looked at their new wares. We have a plethora of statuary, trinket boxes, and other decor coming your way very soon.

We found four new manufacturers who make some lovely items. We found a supplier of crystal balls, a funky boho chic upcycler who has amazingly cute bags, wall hangings, and trippy suncatchers, a store specializing in obsidian items, crystals, and soapstone idols, we also connected with a dealer in blades. That’s right, we’re finally getting some daggers that are perfect for your altar or actual use as a very stylish weapon. We also have a beautiful cross-hilt sword coming and something that people have been requesting ever since we opened – sword canes.

Here are a few items we remembered to take pictures of – we got dozens of new items.

20210823_103617 20210823_141329 20210823_141342 20210823_164520 20210823_164637 20210824_114415 20210824_114419 20210824_121316 20210824_121320 20210824_121329 20210824_121347 20210824_121350 20210824_121357 20210824_121541

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Macabre Monthly Update – August 2021

by on Aug.07, 2021, under News, Products

Hello you wickedly decadent people.

We’ve been quite remiss in keeping up our blog and other forms of communication and really – can you blame us? The past year has been a bit insane, but you already knew that.

We wanted to make an effort to at least say hi once every month and let you know what’s going on in the world of Macabre Mercantile.

It’s August which means hot in Las Vegas. Well hot and smokey lately. My gods and demons, we looked out our window this morning and thought it was going to rain but it actually was thick clouds of smoke coming in from California. You couldn’t even see the Vegas Strip until you were right on top of it. It was pretty freaky. Also not the best air quality causing burning eyes and itchy noses. But we, like all the locals, persevered and got the store open for business as usual.

We have a big event coming up during the week of the 23rd, ASD trade show. It’s is one of our bigger trade shows we attend in search of new products, new artists and trendy new goth and macabre items for the store. We hope to score some new products to liven up the shop even more. This show is the same place we found our fabulous Skull Throne which sits in the corner of our store waiting for the right customer to claim it as their own.

With the intense heat over the last 2 months we haven’t had a chance to do any of our outings but hope to change that as fall gets closer. Media Minion found a bunch of roadside attractions and little ghost towns that we have yet to visit.

Once we manage to do that, we’ll share photos.

We just got new items into the store today – fantastic original enamel pins and cute, spooky socks. Yes socks; even a ghoul wants to keep their feet warm and why not do it in macabre style.

Here’s a taste of just one of the designs we got. We’ll leave you with this image to keep you warm and happy until next time.

Stay wickedly decadent my friends.


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Macabre Art site

by on May.31, 2021, under News

The Macabre Art site is live. Our very own Media Minion (Ed Walker) has been working up some sci-fi and horror art for us and not only is it in the store but it’s now online at a sub-website of our domain.


You can get handmade relief prints or sculptural carvings.


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Things are picking up in the store

by on May.23, 2021, under News

Hi ghouls and ghasts,

Just wanted to share an update with you all. With COVID starting to get beaten back, many of our providers are now back online and catching up with inventory.

What does this mean to you?

Well, thanks for asking. What this means is that we have a whole LOT of new items in the store. We’ve gotten new shipments from many of our purse vendors. We have new skulls, canes, steampunk statues, jewelry, Tarot, boxes, lamps, and way too much to list.

One big announcement we’re making is that our order from Black Craft Cult is on its way! That’s right, we haven’t had anything from them for over a year and now we’re in a position to get more of their amazing products in our store.

So, stop on by the Fantastic Indoor swap meet Booths B17-18-19 and check out the merch. Browse online but not everything is there so you’ll still want to stop in and say hi.


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