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macabre - muh-KAHB - adjective:
1. disturbing and horrifying because of involvement with or depiction of death or the supernatural. "a macabre series of events"

mercantile - MER-kan-tile - noun:
1. a general store.


Macabre Mercantile - Be Wickedly Decadent. Gothic chic. Apparel, clothing, purses.
Apparel & Accessories

Tired of being just another black clothed zombie in the crowd? A trendy, high quality purse could add a bit of glam to your grave. A quirky backpack adds a taste of fun and will have your friends wishing they had something better than a plain plastic tote.
Macabre Mercantile - Be Wickedly Decadent. Gothic chic. Barware. Alcohol.

Everyone wants to make a statement when they're sipping their favorite beverage. Macabre barware will hold your beverage in stylish stainless steel flasks or open your bottle with heavy steel bottle openers designed to impress your fiends.
Macabre Mercantile - Be Wickedly Decadent. Gothic chic. Masks

Need a fast costume? How about something for that fancy dress ball with the Count? Or maybe you just want something beautiful to display. Quality masks to complete any look.
Macabre Mercantile - Be Wickedly Decadent. Gothic chic. Costume Jewelry
Costume Jewelry

Bored with Celtic crosses or pentagram jewelry? Take your style to a new high with unique costume jewelry. The highest quality necklaces, earrings, rings, and other jewelry pieces can be found for a very reasonable price – but your friends will never know because you’ll look like you broke the bank.
Macabre Mercantile - Be Wickedly Decadent. Gothic chic. day of the dead - dia de los muertos
Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos is popular in many Spanish speaking countries. We carry items that will let you host the most authentic party or just display your love for your ancestors and all things skeletal.
Macabre Mercantile - Be Wickedly Decadent. Gothic chic. Fine Jewelry
Fine Jewelry

Designer jewelry created by our artisans. Our designer jewelry is all handmade, you'll never find another one exactly like it or have to worry that someone else is wearing the exact same thing. This isn't your local jewelry store product.
Macabre Mercantile - Be Wickedly Decadent. Gothic chic. Gifts
Gifts & Decor

What about a present for that family member you have such a hard time shopping for? If you or someone you know loves horror or the offbeat the perfect gift can be found here. From handmade statues to tentacle pens; from metal skulls to Day of the Dead products – we’ve searched long and hard to find it just for you.
Macabre Mercantile - Be Wickedly Decadent. Gothic chic. Skulls

Nothing says macabre like a grinning skull. If it is a skull, you'll find it here. Hand made metal or clay skulls to decorate your crypt. Glass ornaments for your tree. Skulls, skulls and more skulls.
Macabre Mercantile - Be Wickedly Decadent. Gothic chic. Books

Need something fun and scary to read? Want to learn cool trivia and see classic images from famous artists or posters throughout the years? Then visit our book category and discover finely crafted stories and fun facts to tickle your brain.




Macabre Mercantile is a purveyor of the decadent and chic where gothic style meets classy horror.

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Macabre Mercantile - shop online for macabre apparel, gothic jewelry, and other wickedly decadent items to complement your chic macabre lifestyle. From the horror convention to the rave dance floor we have something to make you fabulous. Jewelry, clothing, and decor for the discerning macabre or gothic enthusiast, horror fan or for celebrating Day of the Dead


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