Macabre Mercantile is THE place for wickedly decadent items to enhance your Gothic lifestyle.

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Want to be Wickedly Decadent?

Macabre Mercantile is THE place for wickedly decadent items to enhance your Gothic lifestyle.

macabre - muh-KAHB - adjective:
1. disturbing and horrifying because of involvement with or depiction of death or the supernatural. "a macabre series of events"

mercantile - MER-kan-tile - noun:
1. a general store.



Macabre Mercantile is a purveyor of the decadent and chic where gothic style meets classy horror. A unique shopping experience.


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Macabre Mercantile - shop online for macabre apparel, gothic jewelry, and other wickedly decadent items to complement your chic macabre or gothic lifestyle. From the horror convention to the rave dance floor we have something to make you fabulous. Jewelry, clothing, and decor for the discerning macabre or gothic enthusiast, horror fan or for celebrating Day of the Dead


Macabre Mercantile focuses on the Macabre and Gothic, Day of the Dead and Classic Monsters. Whether it's a gift for someone else or for you, you'll find something amazing.
We provide the coolest, most unique and wickedly decadent items you might ever want.
We focus on purses and accessories, fine jewelry, home decor with a gothic flair, and unique artisanal offerings. With our products, you won't have to worry about being mistaken for someone from a slasher flick but you might just end up as the most stylish vampire, Goth or rocker in the room.









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